Whenever possible – up to the ocean…Wind refreshes the brain…


    I am working as an author, presenter and speaker for Radio and TV channels (NDR, ARTE, BR a.o.) as well as for print media in Hamburg and Marseille. Focus of my work are stories in arts, culture, economy and society in Germany, France and the former states of the Soviet Union – the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). In particular portraits about entirely normal and interesting people with special ideas. I find the stories behind the stories, develop the audiovisual realization and produce international coverages from issues as nuclear weapon tests in Central Asia and Kazakhstan up to features of the latest marketing ideas of French wine-farmers and documentaries about arts and cultural projects worldwide. I also lend my voice to the production of audio-books, filmproductions, TV-spots, adverts and present events and programs in radio and TV.
    On the base of a long experience as an author and presenter in front of microphones and cameras for different formats I am coaching politicians, press officers and everbody who has to present him- or herself appropriately in public and in contact with TV-, radio- or print-journalists. You can improve your presence and profile, precede interviews and place your messages successfully.
    Also you experience through my work as an intercultural trainer how you benefit from the cultural diversity in your team or enterprise or how you prepare yourself for a career challenge abroad.

    I am looking forward to hear from you.
    Thank you!
    Katrin Benner